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    Xinxiang FeiLiter Equipment Co., Ltd. was formerly Xinxiang City filter filter factory, in March 2017 in order to meet business needs, the company through the integration of high-quality resources was established in Xinxiang City, the first in Central China, is a research and development, production, service as one of the modern high-tech enterprises. The company has research and development team, technical team, and has after-sales service system, professional service to the community, to meet the needs of our customers。

     In recent years, the company relies on "China's filtration town" to take the professional road, for the national standard filter series, raw water treatment equipment series, irrigation water treatment equipment, gas and liquid separators and other products for high-quality integration, for the supply of products and inventory provides a strong guarantee. Long-term accumulation of inventory products, professional service to the community, to meet the needs of our customers. Company in order to meet customer needs by the network technology department set up inventory information network, convenient for customers to query product information at any time. At the same time with a number of production enterprises to establish a comprehensive cooperative relationship to ensure the efficient and efficient supply of products。

     The company's products are mainly (hydraulic oil filtration market): filter series are: imported alternative filter, hydraulic oil filter, filter series are: national standard filter, non-standard OEM filter, oil filter machine series are: portable oil filter, portable oil filter machine, fusion oil filter machine, vacuum oil filter and other products. Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal chemical and other industries in the hydraulic system, system lubrication and other grease filtration。

    The company's products are mainly (agricultural irrigation market): agricultural irrigation sand filter, centrifugal sand filter, hydro-driven filter, laminated filter, mesh filter, agricultural fertilization tank and other more than 20 products. Mainly used in modern agriculture water-saving irrigation: irrigation, micro-irrigation of the first system. It is the key technology and equipment in water-saving irrigation in agriculture, and the market space is huge。

    The company's products are mainly (industrial market): self-cleaning filters, manual filters, hydraulically driven filters, lamination filters, plastic filters, shallow filters, medium-high-speed filters, valveless filters, steel belt scrapers, drug systems and other more than 20 products. Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical, food, municipal, desalination and other industries in the source water, circulating water, cooling water water recycling. It is a key technology and equipment in water recycling, and the market space is huge。

    After the development of recent years, the company's technical research and development team continued to update and improve products, in order to meet market demand for continuous innovation, while establishing a sales network, products throughout the country 22 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and set up a sound after-sales service system, timely service to our customers。

    We stand in the user's perspective to think about the problem, in-depth communication with customers, to find filter purification design and use of solutions, the transformation of enterprises from traditional companies to marketing enterprises, this is only the beginning, Felit filtering will create a full range of filter design marketing system. How far a person can go depends on who they are travelling with, and the Felicity Filter team is an ideal and passionate team, a dynamic and dynamic team, but also a technical specialization, management of human, innovative and learning excellent team。


Corporate philosophy:

Focus, security, innovation, integrity, respect, cooperation

Corporate mission:

Integration of forward-looking technology enterprises, in order to revitalize China's national brand efforts


Employees, customers, social responsibilities, shareholder interests

Business purposes:

Leading process design, feasibility safety experiments, innovative forward-looking technologies, and automated integrated systems provide you with optimized solutions

Entrepreneurial spirit:

Struggle for innovation, the pursuit of endless

Service concept:

Strategic cooperation, value-for-money service, win-win cooperation

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